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How to unblock a drain

Taunton, Somerset - Blocked drain issues.
How to fix?


Often the best way to keep your drains, toilet and sinks working the way they

need to is to avoid habits. The following items are major culprits contributing to

blocked drains in your home.


Toilet wipes

Baby wipes

Sanitary products


Toilet tissue

Fat deposits



There are numerous reasons why drains can become blocked. Fat is a big problem, whenever cooking with fat or oil be careful to dispense this into a container and dispose of. Avoid pouring fat down the sink as when it cools and hardens it can become a substantial barrier. Running a hot tap for a while afterwards is not as effective as you might probably think.


Baby wipes or wet wipes do not break down once flushed, so unless they are physically removed they can cause a permanent blockage. Toilet wipes, are not flushable as the name suggests. Many are labelled as being safe to flush, but this is simply not the case. One single toilet wipe may pass through the system, but if they are used regularly they can cause a build up, especially if they meet in the drain with remnants of fat or other matter. Wet wipes cause 93% of blockages in the UK and contribute to the famous "fatbergs" that cause blockages across the country.


While toilet tissue in regular amounts should not cause too many problems, occasionally there are times when too much is flushed at one time. A substantial amount of tissue is quite a force to be reckoned with.


It may surprise you that hair is another cause of blocked drains. Washing hair, especially long hair in the sink or bath can mean that some hair is discarded when washed or combed. Remember human hair is strong enough to carry 12 tons of weight, so imagine what it is doing in your drains. A sink strainer is advisable if you regularly use the sink to wash your hair. This catches most of the hair before it even enters the drain.


Nappies absorb water and grow in size, so it is fairly obvious why they should never be flushed, but it does still happen. A blocked drain can cause significant problems. Taunton and the surrounding areas drains have to take on a lot. Taunton, Langport, Minehead, Crewkerne, Bridgwater and Chard all have a good drainage infrastructure, but it needs regular monitoring and maintenance.

We all want to avoid a Blocked Drain, blocked toilet or blocked sink as it can be particularly unpleasant.


What can I use to unblock my drain?


In incidences like a sink draining slowly it can be the case that small amounts of hair from hair washing or shaving can gather in U bends. On some occasions drain unblocker liquids can help if used correctly. Always administer the liquid according to the instructions. Leaving the drain unblocker liquid (often containing caustic soda) overnight can help breakdown some matter. These liquid unblocks are available in shops like Wilko, ASDA, Toolstation, Amazon, Robert Dyas, Screwfix B&Q made by brands such as HG, Mr Muscle, One Shot & Buster. Generally these solutions are not very effective and can cause damage to cosmetic appearance of sinks and taps. Traditional methods such as vinegar and baking soda are a popular discussion point, but rarely effective. Your best bet is to get a drainage expert to look at it. It could cost a lot less than you think as it is a very common problem.


The most successful methods for getting your drain unblocked are rodding & jetting. Also some investigation is necessary because unknown factors such as tree roots can cause blockages. A CCTV drain survey can look into causes and also help identify potential future problems.

The answer to the big question, how do I unblock a drain is avoid blocking it in the first place. If the worst does happen and you are in the Taunton area then we recommend calling Taunton Drainage for expert help.

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